It is my hunch that if we were to identify one word that reflects the enormous problems faced in the world today, it is DOMINATION. It is the domination of persons, states, the natural resources of our planet, with little respect for the individual, the coveted resources of someone’s state, or the earth’s gifts to the living plants and creatures of the planet.


The transformational community encourages life-affirming values; healing, on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels of human functioning. It accomplishes this by fostering a sense of social justice, with deep concerns about the quality of life, concerned about the well-being of our children and those with relatively little power, with values that put the quality of human relationships as a high priority over values of profit and material gain; building values of social and religious tolerance and spiritual freedom, along with personal individualism and a real sense of the meaning of community. This brings us into a close and intimate relationship with nature, with Gaia, the natural forces over which we have little control.

Mission Statement

The Pacific Polynesian Anthropology Project is a study of sacred sites and shamanic cosmology that will contribute to our knowledge of indigenous wisdom and offer us a path to greater sustainability—of individual health, integrated community, and a viable planet. Our … Read more →